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Frequently asked

What are the preconditions for insurance cover on the wedding day?2019-03-25T11:16:26+01:00

You can order the wedding weather insurance up to 4 weeks before the wedding. Upon ordering, we will immediately send you the policy and invoice. In order for you to have full insurance cover for your wedding, the single premium must be transferred 21 days before the insured wedding date at the latest. The payment is deemed timely if you give the transfer order 21 days before the wedding.

What happens, if I do not pay on time?2019-03-25T11:17:52+01:00

The insurance premium must be paid 21 days before the insured wedding. In case of late payment, we cannot grant insurance cover. Late payments will be refunded.

Can I still withdraw from the contract after I paid the premium? Will I get my money back?2019-03-25T11:19:46+01:00

No, due to the short contract term, there is no right to withdraw. As soon as you transferred the premium, you cannot withdraw from the contract any more. We are also unable to withdraw from the the contract after it has entered into force.

What does an amount of rain of 7.5 mm mean? How is it measured?2019-03-25T11:22:38+01:00

The insurance provides cover if the rainfall threshold of 7.5 mm, that is 7,5 litres per square metre, is reached or exceeded within the time frame from 12:00 p.m. to 06:00 p.m.

  • Normal rain has an intensity of approx. 1-1.5 mm/hour,
  • moderate rain has an intensity of approx. 3.0 mm/hour,
  • heavy rain approx. 5.0 mm/hour
  • and downpour 5.0 mm/5 min.
  • In case of a heavy thunderstorm, the amount of rain may rise to 20 mm/hour and more.

Such an amount of rain is usually accumulated as a consequence of continuous rainfall or short heavy rain showers. It is unlikely to be a consequence of drip or drizzle.

The amount of rain at the insured wedding venue is calculated by Athenium Analytics LLC, an independent company who provides access to historical and real-time global hourly data for more than 500 weather variables and indices across every country and every ocean worldwide.  See http://www.weatheranalytics.com/.

Please note that the calculated values may differ from those of other weather services or physical stations. In terms of an insurance pay-out, only the values calculated by Athenium Analytics LLC count.

Who are Athenium Analytics LLC and what are their methods?2019-03-25T11:26:05+01:00

To provide weather statistics the Gridded Data System Model is a model used by Athenium Analytics. Weather data can come from a point observation, such as a weather station, or from a grid, which is an 8km x 8km algorithmically-generated area that provides data representative of the entire grid area.

Gridded data is the first choice for verification because it has consistent coverage and is always available, where high-quality weather stations are not. Each event location is matched with a specific Athenium Analytics grid. Athenium Analytics extract hourly data for that particular grid that contains the event location.

In the event of missing or incomplete data, multiple data sources can be used. The result can be the utilization of a different dataset or the combination of different data sets. Data sources are never “blended” or averaged together to create new values.

I am currently organising a wedding. What are the advantages of the rainy wedding insurance?2019-03-25T12:07:08+01:00

Our rainy wedding insurance is a new, innovative addition in the UK which rounds off a thorough wedding preparation. A plan B for rainy weather is essential. Weddie offers you compensation if your plan B becomes reality and your wedding cannot take place under the open sky.

This way, rain showers may turn into cash, which creates good mood despite an indoor-party and bad weather. In case of a valid claim there is no need for proof of damage and you can use the money how you wish.

Who can take out the wedding weather insurance and where is it valid?2019-03-25T12:01:49+01:00

Only individuals who are residents in UK can take out the wedding weather insurance. However, your nationality is irrelevant. Payment in case of a valid claim can only be made to a UK bank account.
Generally, we only insure weddings that take place in UK. If you wish to get married in another country, we must review your case on an individual basis.

Why is there such thing as a rainy wedding insurance? What do I need it for?2019-03-25T12:11:47+01:00

Weddie compensates bridal couples for rainy weather on their special day and the additional costs this could cause. For a single premium payment starting at £ 179 , you will receive a lump sum in the amount of £ 5,000 in case of an insured event.

Of course we can never make up for bad weather. This is why proper planning and an alternative venue for rainy weather are essential. However, what we can do is to compensate you with a lump sum for an insured event. In doing so, we want you to be pleased even when rain thwarts your wedding plans.

What does the rainy wedding insurance cost?2019-03-25T12:08:21+01:00

A single premium is calculated individually on the basis of the wedding date and location. After ordering the wedding weather insurance online, you will immediately receive your policy and invoice via e-mail.

We offer our rainy wedding insurance from a single premium of £ 179.